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Disputes in the workplace can lead to prolonged conflict, termination of employment, and losses that are both economic and emotional.  A wide variety of claims can arise from these disputes, including employment discrimination, breach of contract, whistleblowing, non-payment of wages, and wrongful termination.

Employment cases frequently begin with administrative claims in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination or the Office of the Attorney General.  Cases may be resolved in those agencies, or they may be removed to state or federal court.  Trial or settlement of these cases may involve complex relationships between employee, employer, taxing authorities and other stakeholders.

We have a broad range of experience with cases involving:

  • Discrimination based upon race, gender, religion, sexual orientation,

  • Sexual harassment

  • Severance and wrongful termination

  • Non-payment of wages, improper withholding of taxes

  • Improper employee misclassification as independent contractors

  • Non-payment of benefits

  • Whistleblower and retaliation claims

  • Severance agreements


Legal aspects of business are as varied as the types of business conducted in our community.  Legal counseling is necessary and valuable for advisory and precautionary purposes, to prevent conflict from arising. 

If disputes arise with other businesses, customers or employees, legal advice is invaluable and necessary to contain and resolve them.  We provide counseling and litigation services to a wide variety of businesses at competitive rates, to allow our clients to focus on their business objectives and to save money. 

Business Law Counseling Litigation
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