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We represent the victims of personal injuries, and work hard for them to win fair compensation.

Injuries and accidents impact lives suddenly, painfully, disruptively and permanently.  Without warning, lives are interrupted.  Body and mind are afflicted with pain.  Medical care, surgery and hospitalization are required.  Employment is curtailed, family relationships are impaired.  Family finances are depleted, emotional health and support are affected.

Injuries can happen because of the fault of others.  Drivers aren’t attentive, products malfunction, dogs are not restrained, homes and business are not maintained, health care professionals commit errors.  Injuries can be inflicted even though we have been careful to avoid them.

How do injured people cope?  How do you make it through the pain, treatment, disability, lack of income?  What remedies are available?  How can injured people get their lives back on track?

The job of the trial lawyer is help injured people answer these questions, to make legal claims for people who are suffering loss because of an injury, to seek every form of compensation and recovery that is available, through trial or settlement.

Payment of money on account of personal injuries requires considerable coordination between the parties, the medical providers, the insurance companies, public and private disability benefit payors, and others with an interest in the resolution of the case.  Payments of medical benefits and disability benefits may constitute third-party liens on money recovered from liable parties.  Injuries happening at work may require repayment of worker’s compensation benefits.  The lawyer must know how to navigate this process to create the best possible financial result for the client.

The lawyer is privileged to travel this journey with the injured client, to be the client’s partner in the project of recovery, to identify all remedies, to pursue all benefits, and to relieve the pressure so that the injured client can focus on healing and recovery.

Each injured client is different.  Each accident is different.  A lawyer must have enough experience with types of lawsuits, and with the needs of clients.

Some of the personal injury claims with which we are experienced:

  • Medical malpractice and errors

  • Car, truck and motorcycle collisions

  • Premises defects involving floors, stairs, elevators,

  • Slips and falls on snow, ice, slippery floors

  • Consumer products and machines

  • Dog bites and animal attacks

  • Construction site incidents, machinery and equipment

  • Fires and explosions

  • Drugs and medical devices

  • Recreational equipment, trampolines, zip lines, swimming pools

Some of the serious injuries with which we have helped clients:

  • Fractures, sprains and strains

  • Back and vertebral fractures, herniations, dislocations

  • Head injuries, brain injuries and concussions

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

  • Nerve injuries

  • Poisoning, tainted food, lead paint, chemical exposure

  • Burns and scalds

  • Amputations

  • Infections, MRSA, surgical complications


Workers Compensation

We represent people and companies in worker’s compensation claims and navigate the complexities of the worker’s compensation system, helping our clients to win their cases.

Injuries in the workplace are an all-too common occurrence.  When they happen, working people are suddenly left without income to support themselves and their families.  Injured workers must spend their time getting medical attention instead of making a living.  Pain and disability disrupt their lives.  They cannot enjoy time with their families.  The future is suddenly unclear.

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