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We partner with businesses and insurance companies to defend damage claims.

Injuries and losses, and claims for compensation, threaten businesses and reputations.  Claims arise suddenly and without warning.  They require immediate response, investigation, control and defense.  Evidence must be preserved, witnesses must be interviewed and secured.  Financial exposure must be evaluated.  All sources of insurance coverage must be identified.  Insurers must be notified.  Policies must be reviewed.

The job of the trial lawyer is to partner with the target of personal injury litigation, to lessen the impact of injury claims on the financial condition of the company, and on the ability to conduct business.  Each company is unique.  Each claim is different.  The lawyer must be experienced with the needs of the business, and with the ways to minimize loss and lessen the impact on the lives of the property owner.

We have partnered with businesses and insurance companies to defend and win claims arising from:

  • Construction accidents

  • Motor vehicle collisions

  • Medical and psychiatric malpractice

  • Dental and orthodontic malpractice

  • Equipment and product malfunctions

  • Industrial and workplace accidents


Probate Litigation and Will Contests

The death of a family member or other loved one is a traumatic event.  It is made more difficult by the inability of those left behind to agree on the distribution of an estate.  The decedent’s family, friends, life partners, business associates and others who had relations may each have an interest in the appointment of an estate representative, and in the distribution of the estate property.

Whether property should be included in an estate, or was properly transferred prior to death, whether a valid will exists to direct the distribution of estate property, and who should perform the distribution, are subjects that frequently give rise to disagreement and legal disputes between family members, friends and other interested parties.  These disputes must sometimes be resolved in the Probate Court.

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